Welcome to Undivided Attention

Welcome, I’m Hugh Malyon, my website is evolving and content being added all the time so please pop back soon to see what we’re up to!

Diverse company living and breathing inclusivity. Through autobiographical, issue based and shared narratives we connect and engage with space and audiences. Spanning multi-disciplinary performance, we find meaningful connections and relationships through theory and practice. We collectively use anger, hurt and emotion to challenge unjust and distorted perceptions of probity and realign moral compasses… to speak louder than words – to listen to more than just words.

I collaborate closely in a company of four. A diverse quartet consisting of a disabled artist (me!), a creative enabler, a live musician, Steve Sowden, and a female technician/performer, Sophie Amos, who have completed an ACE funded tour in the South West.

From the first I was struck by Hugh’s interest and
insightful questioning and reflection on the theory and
practice of this approach. This positive impression was
amplified through his application of these principles in practice.

Suzanne Kersten, Artistic Director, one step at a time like this.

Get in contact:

‘Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.’ – Twyla Tharp

The richest of all the tools you can use in theatre is the human being. – Peter Brook

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